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Entry #12

Checking In!

2015-08-04 23:58:13 by Phantox

How's it going, everyone!? Been gone for a while and I'm just checking in. Still alive and all. Hope you all are doing good!




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2015-08-05 00:34:03

what did he throw all his pokeballs at?


2015-08-05 00:50:38



2015-08-05 17:09:28

@Kajenx - Looks like a Mew or Mewtwo (due to the size of the head and color). This is an old joke about wasting a Masterball on a common pokemon, which you only get one of - unless you glitch the game. This, ofc, leaves the character with nothing but regular pokeballs that never work on legendary/rare/etc class pokemon.

I can't tell whether or not the character is happily nailing Mew/two in the head with pokeballs or weeping while laughing for his poor use of the Masterball. Anyway, those WRINKLES - get yo' botox on!


2015-08-06 15:03:57

Beeen so long :(