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Pretty Good

I don't know how this got TotW. It's a boring and simple but the animation is smooth and the drawings are great.

The bad thing is that it has no background and the left arm moves with the left leg and vice versa and not left leg with right arm and right leg with left arm.

Overall, if you add a moving background and fix the arms and legs, it would be pretty good. This is a lot better than a lot of the stuff that gets through the portal of people "beginning flash" or "posting my son's stick fight"

Needs improvement

There's not much story to it but the background is nice. The sounds need to be a bit higher quality and you could of animated the vomit and blood splatter of the boomer instead of just making it a still frame for a few seconds. You should also animate the infected falling when they die instead of standing in one frame and then being "on the floor" the next frame.

Flash could have been a lot better if you would have taken the time to animate it more.

5/5 10/10, faved

Great film really liked it. Here's what I think of it:

1. Graphics: Graphics where very nice. I really like how the Lancer looks.
2. Voice Acting: The voices where pretty good. They fit well with the humor.
3. Humor: The movie was very funny. I laughed at most of the parts especially the "Under... the water" part.
4. Plot: Well it didn't really have a plot but you did good in imitating what happens in the actual game.
5. Lip Sync: The lip sync wasn't perfect but it was still good. Nice job on it


I Recommend:

Overall, it was pretty good. Had a good laugh when I watched it. I hope to see more.

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Since you're asking for feedback, one thing that would help would be a map.

Need 1 More Medal

Awesome game. You had a good music selection. The game is pretty hard but that was the fun part since each time I was about to rage quit, the music kept me going.

Other than there being some lag issues on the hardest fight (I think on planet Plutoo), there's not much I can recommend since the game is perfectly made. I unlocked all the medals except for the second secret one so I'm guessing it has something to do with the first secret medal or the jukebox.

Again, awesome game

CellarDoorGames responds:

We'll give everyone a few hints. Please read at your own discretion.

Both secret medals can be earned early in the game, with one of them as early as the Title Screen.

Not bad

Not a bad game. I found it to be pretty entertaining and finished it pretty quickly.

Here are some recommendations:

Add sound when a player jumps, gets hit, or dies. Also, add some background music.

Add some details to the graphics. Maybe some flowers in the the background and a face on the box.

Make it harder. Game was way too easy. Add some new obstacles. A sawblade coming out of the floor sounds nice.

That's about it. If you add those features, I would enjoy this game a lot more.

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That scream at 0:12 is hilarious.


I really like this song. The lyrics make it a lot better although some of the lyrics seem off.

I would replace these lyrics:

"Go to sleep my child" with "Go sleep my child"
"Sail all the wondrous seas" with "Sail all the seven seas"
"I'm here by your side" with "I'm here by you"

I think those lyrics would have better flow. Either way, great job.

VGSongbird responds:

Hmmm... I probably wouldn't change them. I kept it as "wondrous seas" to fit with Windwaker (there's only the Great Sea in that one. ) As for the others, I needed the syllables XD
But I appreciate the feedback!

5/5, 10/10, faved, downloaded

I'm not much of an audio reviewer but here I go.

It's a very nice song. Great lyrics and very catchy. One of my favorites. Nice job on the piano.

I could sometimes hear you taking deep breaths while singing. Some where hard to hear but some where very loud. Another thing is that on some the lyrics you would say "Tink"

Overall, great song. IMO, deserves #1 BotW.
Sorry if you didn't find this helpful... I'm not an expert audio reviewer ^__^'

Jazza responds:

than heaps, i actually like to hear a bit of breathing in a song though, keeps things less robotic.... but i guess thats up to personal opinion!

and thank you

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Looks good. Only thing I don't like is how it seems like she doesn't have a right nipple

Pretty Good.

She reminds me of Alexandra Stan. Only thing I don't like about it is that thing on the top of the picture. Is it her hair or something in the background?

Unibee responds:

This is going to be hard to explain, but she's a Gorebyss gijinka and that's her head antennae thing.


I like it.

I haven't played Minecraft for a while so I don't know anything about the Ender or whatever. Anyways, the only thing I don't like about this is the moon. It looks like it's on top of the enderwoman and it's quite distracting from the rest of the picture because of it.

I was gonna give it an 8/10 but then I saw the creeper and that made me laugh. 5/5 either way

ManDemolition responds:


On the side note, I was a little buggy about the moon as well. I wanted a decent light source even though it was night, and I just couldn't get the moon the way I wanted it to be. If only Ender(wo)men could be in daylight. XD

Still, thank you for your criticism. It's very much appreciated.




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