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Checking In!

2015-08-04 23:58:13 by Phantox

How's it going, everyone!? Been gone for a while and I'm just checking in. Still alive and all. Hope you all are doing good!




2013-12-08 19:22:25 by Phantox

Haven't posted here in a while. How many people still come to this page?

Add me on Steam and LoL

2012-10-29 20:11:52 by Phantox

Not sure if any of my fans ever come here but if you do, add me on Steam and League of Legends. My username for both is PhantoxNG

Some LoL r34

Add me on Steam and LoL

If China Attacks America

2012-03-10 17:33:50 by Phantox

I Support Ron Paul

2012-01-27 01:39:28 by Phantox

And there is no reason why you shouldn't either.

>Not voting for Ron Paul

Enjoy losing your liberty and freedom

I Support Ron Paul

>Not doing parkour

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

Pic related: Parkour's founder

Parkour, Motherfucker. DO YOU KNOW IT?

Do You Like Hentai?

2011-11-10 22:11:51 by Phantox

==Hentai Adventure Game==
=Hentai Adventure Game 2=

Play 'em.

Oh and leave a review.

Do You Like Hentai?

Thanks To My Parkour Skills...

2011-11-08 19:12:37 by Phantox

... I got offered a position by some film class at my college. Feels good, man. The guy told me that they're gonna film me like "The Life of A Runner on Campus" or something like that. Since he's part of the security team, he will see if the video can have me being chased by security guards.

Can't wait, man

Pic related. Me doing some PK. It's my Gaia Online sig that's why I have my name on it. Pic is pretty old though. About 8 months

Thanks To My Parkour Skills...

New Animation

2011-11-05 01:27:03 by Phantox

Took me long enough to get enough motivation and initiative to start one. 76 frames so far. It's not gonna be something long

New Animation

Mods Are Faggots

2011-10-30 16:18:58 by Phantox

Holy shit they're worse than the mod in /k/.

Banning me for bumping a thread that was in the third page? Damn sons. Where did all these new shitty mods come from. Bring back the good mods

Pic related

Mods Are Faggots